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Explanation of Our Process

BestWay Concrete Delivery Trucks in Action

2short load concrete processThe truck has numerous bins and containers. The various bins hold the "cement", gravel and water. As the operator dictates, the truck mixes the concrete right in front of you in the volume and consistency you desire.

Then the mixed concrete flows out the back of the mixing auger and is placed where you want it.

When you have had enough concrete to complete your job, the operator turns off the process and no more concrete is made.

You can see pictures below of our trucks delivering concrete on the our short load concrete delivery projects page. The chute off the back allows us to delivery concrete as far away as 12 feet from the back of the truck and into a form or wheelbarrow.

The truck can move through an opening as small as 10ft wide and 12.5 ft high. However, when considering where the truck will travel, consider overhead items such as branches, electrical wires, telephone cables. Also consider what is underground where the truck will travel, such as septic systems, pipes, curbs, The truck may damage such items due to weight and height.

Best Way Concrete and Pump

(pump is a separate service and must be scheduled in advance)

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