• Best Way Concrete 206-504-2372

    Best Way Concrete 206-504-2372

    206-504-2372....Best Way Concrete Delivery and Pumping .... Short Load Concrete Delivery Call us to discuss your concrete project. Bestway concrete made fresh on site. Ideal for small volume or specialty concrete Read More
  • Best Way is Less Expensive

    Best Way is Less Expensive

    206-504-2372 .... Best Way Concrete .... Short Load Concrete.... Less expensive than the cost of concrete at the home improvement store and mixing yourself. Call us to discuss your project.  Call now Read More
  • Mobile Mix Process

    Mobile Mix Process

    206-504-2372....Best Way Concrete....Short Load Concrete.... Concrete is made on-site, by the truck as you need. Call us to discuss your project.  Call now at 888-634-9752 Read More
  • No Wasted Concrete

    No Wasted Concrete

    206-504-2372....Best Way Concrete.... No Wasted Concrete.... Concrete is made on-site, only as much as you need. No wasted concrete to dispose of. Call us to discuss your project.  Read More
  • Typical Jobs

    Typical Jobs

    206-504-2372....Best Way Concrete.... Typical Concrete Delivery Jobs.... Best Way Concrete is ideal for patios, hot tub pads, retaining walls, deck footings, sidewalks and more. Call us to discuss your project.  Read More
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Small Volume Delivery of Concrete Using Our Trucks is a Less Expensive Way to Get Concrete. See comparison with buying bags at home improvement store.

Suppose you need just a couple yards of concrete at your location. It takes 60 of the 60# bags to make one yard. The price per bag at the national home improvement companies is about 2.57 per bag. Then you would need a mixer because you and your neighbors can't mix that much concrete in your wheel barrow. Mixer rental cost is about $50 per day. Next you need to transport the concrete and mixer, meaning at least another $50 to rent a truck. You are now easily over $400. Call us and will be less expensive and much less work and risk for you.
THIS IS A PRICING EXAMPLE IF YOU BOUGHT BAGS OF CONCRETE AND DID THE JOB YOURSELF.  Using Bestway Mobile Concrete is less expensive and much easier.
1 Yard 2 Yards 3 Yards Estimated Volume needed to complete your job
60 120 180 The quantity of 60 lb Bags at 60 bags per yard
$154 $308 $462 The per bag cost of $2.57 per bag (from major home improvement store)
$50 $50 $50 Mixer Rent per day. Can't mix that much by hand.
$50 $50 $50 That much concrete won't fit in your trunk or mini van and may be too heavy for your light duty truck. Truck Rent to bring the bags home and return unused bags (assuming you get the job done in one day)
$254 $408 $562 ESTIMATED COST TO BUY BAGS AND DO YOURSELF. There is an additional price to pay if you are using neighbors and relatives.Using Bestway is generally less expensive and much less work.

Best Way is a Less Expensive Way to Get Small Volumes Delivery of Concrete (Versus Barrel Truck Delivery of Concrete)

Barrel Trucks hold 9 or so yards. If you only need three yards, You are going to be charged an extra trip charge. You also pay an extra clean out fee. They charge you for what you order and you are likely to order a little extra just in case. If they have leftover concrete, many will dump the extra at your location, which could be a big problem. Wouldn't you want the ability to buy only what you use.

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